Did you know that I’ve been a Girl Scout leader for 14 years? I love everything about selling cookies, but that’s another story for another time. Our Girl Scout troop has run day camps for Girl Scouts during the summers and I’ve met so many wonderful girls.

On December 30, the Marshall Fire quickly spread through northern Colorado. While I was fortunate enough to have been outside the evacuation area, over 1,000 homes were destroyed or damaged. It was a devastating event and the community will take a long time to rebuild. 

Among those affected were Girl Scouts, and I have a feeling that I’ve met at least one of the girls who was affected by the wildfires. As a Girl Scout and a Leader, we’re always looking for ways to help people. I immediately saw this as an opportunity to combine my love of Girl Scouts with my love of quilting, but I’m going to need your help!

These girls are experiencing an unspeakable loss, but I want to remind them they are part of a larger community that is supporting them.

According to an email update from the Girl Scouts of Colorado, 12 Girl Scouts lost their homes. However, they set up a website for the Marshall Fire and it says as many as 40 members have been affected. While I would ultimately love to get quilts to all 40 members, the primary goal is to make sure that the 12 girls get a quilt. But even that is a big task and I’d love to have some additional help. I’ve already been given some quilt tops, but there’s a lot more needed!

We would like to use minky backing for the quilts for the 12 girls. Backing for the adult quilts can be any fabric, but we’d really like to give the girls cuddly quilts.

Boulder OEM is collecting monetary donations to help families. If you are unsure about donating to my project but would like to provide monetary support, please donate directly to the Boulder OEM. If you would like to send a monetary donation to help purchase supplies or pay for shipping, the assistance would be appreciated. Any money collected would only be used to purchase items specifically for these quilts and any additional funds would be donated directly to Boulder OEM.

Quilts for the girls should be around 50″ x 60″ Quilts for the adult members can be any size, so this could be a great chance to use up some blocks you have laying around. Hobbs Batting has generously sent a roll of batting for the quilts, but I am also going to need donations of backing (either yardage or pieced backs), binding material, and also people to help assemble things!

If you can help, please fill out the form below. I will get in touch with you regarding the specific sizes and colors if you are donating backing or binding.

Thanks so much for your support and help! Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.